D and B Lokseva Foundation

D and B Lokseva Foundation is a voluntary Organization in its babyhood stage which is registered under the Section 8 Company Registration Act 2013. The seed of D and B Lokseva Foundation was planted way in April 2021. D and B Lokseva Foundation’s story of growth is as much a story of the organizations scale of work as well as growth in each of its clients as well as its teams. Given the nature of intervention at times, growth can be momentary, transitory, intangible, and not apparent. However, D and B Lokseva Foundation’s Story is incomplete and futile without mapping the growth and development, change that happens in the life of its beneficiaries.

The primary purpose of our D and B Lokseva Foundation is the design and implementation of Woman and Child development-related projects and is to defend or promote a specific cause as well as try to raise awareness, acceptance and knowledge by lobbying, press work and activist event.

D and B Lokseva Foundation is a group of social workers who were working in the fields of basic health, education, environmental protection, rural development, women empowerment and human rights.Foundation aims to empowerment of the economically weaker and socially marginalized section of the foundation through capacity building of the people.

D and B Lokseva Foundation works for the betterment and upliftment of socio-economically and politically weaker section of community to bring them in the main stream of society and move the society towards more improved and developed way of living and existence as a nongovernment organization. D and B Lokseva Foundation is managed by the resources, funds and other kind of desirable support of government, funding agencies, support agencies, support communities, with support and help of business groups and people. Mission, vision, objectives and goals of the D and B Lokseva Foundation are to improve human life and civilization.

Board Members

Bhavesh Rathod


Dipak Malhotra


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Ravikant Mahida


WhatsApp Image 2021-12-29 at 12.36.09 PM

Lazrus Beli


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Umesh Patel

Vice Treasurer

Name Position
Saruk Vohra Member
Darshana Rathod Member
Ravina Thakor Member
Dashrath Gohel Member
Mahesh Pathiyar Member
Aakash Vankar Member
Patel Rinkalkumari Member


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